One day while I was in 4th grade I went to art class and on the table in front of each student was a piece of paper with a single scribbled line drawn (mine was quite like the one you see above).

Our art teacher said to us “make that into whatever you want”, and so I did – a really wild creature and one that I can still picture in my mind even today.

It was from that experience that I realized my love of drawing and being creative.

In the years since that time I continued to draw characters whenever I could – it was a hobby.  However, beginning in 2005 I started creating the characters that became Funny Fellows and Curious Creatures. Today there are over 500 characters with more on the way.

Many of the fans of these characters asked for a way to get them on t-shirts and so I opened a store that features Funny Fellows and Curious Creatures characters on all types different items at my stores, which you can find here.

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