One day while I was in 4th grade I went to art class and on the table in front of each student was a piece of paper with a single scribbled line drawn.

Our art teacher said to us “make that into whatever you want.”

I almost couldn’t believe what she said – surely this wasn’t a real class I thought – this will be too much fun. So, I immediately took some of the colored pencils on the table and began drawing the wildest creature I could possibly imagine. What fun!

Over the years I continued to draw funny characters in my spare time.  Beginning in 2005 I started creating the characters that became Funny Fellows and today there are over 500 with more on the way. You can get your own Funny Fellows character on a host of different items at my store, which you can find here or simply copy/paste the following address into your browser:

Next is the development of a cartoon strip, which I call Crinkle Court and beyond that will be animation.

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